Leighton's last podcast

ISIS, Leighton’s Last Podcast – Mar 22 FPP97

Leighton reminisces about his last week in Indiana. He’ll be spending next week in Florida and then driving off into the sunset to Hillcrest. At work, Leighton is training in his replacement, a boy named Wynne. While there’s large shoes to fill in Leighton’s absence Wynne looks like the best man for the job. Below […]

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Leighton is a Kitten – Feb 22 FPP93

How many times should one go out to eat for dinner? This question is tackled along with the concept that some people don’t go out to eat on weekends. Leighton is always at the center of the fun… how does he view himself in that scenario? A cute kitten.

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Whiteout in Indiana on Valentines Feb 18 FPP92

The whiteout on Valentine weekend postponed Leighton’s banquet and trapped Reuben for a few hours. There’s a game of State of Trivia with Eric Troyer. Finally, brand new intro music! Is homicide or suicide more frequent? Leighton’s Banquet Eric’s DVOM Replacement

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Crookbooks and McPlaints FPP91

Lot’s of feedback from the previous podcast about the Sandy Ridge Cookbook… The VP of the Berea Youth Group, Leighton, had an event at the Nappanee McDonalds. In the upcoming episodes of the podcast we’ll be looking at a local suicide that took place a few years ago.

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Revive Indiana

Trolls, Tribute and Revive Indiana FPP89

What was locked in a closet for three days living on pop tarts? Listen to find out. Tech Tip Ever forget which finger you saved as which number on iOS? If you go into Settings > Touch ID & Passcode you can hold your finger on the fingerprint reader and the saved finger will highlight […]

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