How to Recover from a Weak Handshake

    How to Recover from a Weak Handshake FPP122

    In this Episode… In this episode Reuben asks the question how to recover from a weak handshake as he had been a victim a few days earlier and Leighton offers a few solutions. Leighton talks about visiting the girl’s dorm to celebrate New Year’s Day. And lastly Reuben talks about what’s been his Grinch this […]

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    Christmas Eve FPP121

    In this episode Leighton talks about a hiking trip and how a “Grinch” is attempting to steal his Christmas spirit. Reuben talks about the Coin which is solution for listeners with too many credit cards and then shares a “bachelor recipe” that includes chocolate covered wafer and coffee. Leighton Hiking Trip Shots Try the Tim Tam Slam Video […]

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    Terrible Gifts & Leighton’s Dream FPP120

    Merry Christmas! In this episode we discuss three terrible Christmas gift ideas. Reuben tells a story from their visit in Italy when they needed the assistance of a luggage taxi cart but there was more luggage than what he could comfortably handle. Leighton explained a confusing photo while on a trip to St. Louis. Terrible Christmas […]

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