You’re Welcome FPP110

Mennonites are great at deflecting praise. Leighton offers 5 popular ways we are able to do this. 5. Wow Bob it looks like your construction business is really taking off! 4. Thank you so much for helping me build my house yesterday Bob 3. Thanks for plowing the snow off my driveway Bob 2. Wow […]

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Leighton Introduces Blake and Christian

Leighton Introduces Blake and Christian FPP109

In this week’s episode Leighton introduces two of his friends from Arkansas. Both are hard working and single! Blake works as a lawn care professional by day, powder-coating by night, and a health care assistant on the weekend. The second friend, Christian, is a realtor and can help you find your next home! You may have noticed that […]

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FPP 104 Baby Jesus and Bonhoeffer

Baby Jesus and Bonhoeffer FPP104

Katrina joins the podcast to discuss Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy and in Italy the use of technology is being used to predict what the face of Jesus looked like as a child. Katrina has a weekly blog and has written Blue Christmas, Shatterproof, Inferno in the Lost Pines and On the Winning Side. State of Trivia Louisiana […]

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