Hairy Bathroom & Digging for Gold FPP99

Hairy Bathroom & Digging for Gold – April 5 FPP99

Leighton arrives at Hillcrest and the adjustment is going well. There were a several bumps in the first few days but things are looking up in the Natural State as Leighton is training for the first few months.

Eric brings a news story about the possibility of panning for gold in human waste. Why is your body filled with gold and other precious metals? Listen to the podcast to find out the full details.

Finding gold in human waste.

Goldschlager is an alcoholic drink with gold flakes. This drink is not the reason for gold in the goo.

Goldschlager has gold flakes in the drink.

Reuben had the misfortune of swapping lipstick while at Cracker Barrel… not the way he planned.

Swapping lip stick on coffee cup.

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