Leighton's last podcast

ISIS, Leighton’s Last Podcast – Mar 22 FPP97

Leighton reminisces about his last week in Indiana. He’ll be spending next week in Florida and then driving off into the sunset to Hillcrest.

At work, Leighton is training in his replacement, a boy named Wynne. While there’s large shoes to fill in Leighton’s absence Wynne looks like the best man for the job. Below are some of his responsibilities.

  1. When the legally blind guy, JR, walks by ask for a Burger King sandwich (Image below is a figment of Reuben’s imagination and not actually JR.)

This isn't JR.2. Razz the boss when opportunity arrives.

  1. Whistle random tunes (Below Kyle whips his beard back and forth)

Eric Brings the News

Google using “Facts” instead of Backlinks

Babies Found in Gary Funeral Home

Tattoo of Girlfriend’s Name Could Cause Man to Lose Job

Reuben asks Leighton for Help in telling a story

Reuben talks about an inspirational book, LEAD… for God’s Sake by Wakarusa author, Todd Gongwer. The story about the winningest HS basketball coach in Kentucky history and about his friend who’s made millions in business. But this year the basketball team is losing and the business is struggling. What is the problem?

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