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Would You Rather Fly or Drive, Voice Acting FPP86

Recorded on Sunday the 28th with Reuben and Leighton. Topics include a tech tip about setting your Apple device into “Do Not Disturb” mode so that you can get things done instead of getting interrupted.

Have you visited Florida? The French Press crowd is experienced in visiting the Sunshine State but have differing opinions on the best way to get there. Reuben prefers driving and Leighton prefers going through the air. Possibly you have a thought on your preferred mode of transportation.

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Reuben is interested at becoming an impersonator. He shares the inspiration and Leighton, who is an accomplished impersonator, takes a shot at LSU football coach Les Miles.

There’s also an update on the “Mouse in the House” story from Leighton.

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Leighton’s Christmas Gift & iMessage Tip FPP85

After a short break Leighton and Reuben return with a Christmas podcast. Leighton shares about his gifts and how his mother almost ruined Christmas. Reuben offers a tech tip for iMessage and a plug for his new favorite podcast, Serial.

Make sure you stay tuned all they way to the end of the podcast for Leighton’s special Christmas gift to you.

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Podcast Recording Happening Tonight, December 23rd

French Press and coffee cups.

Hello listeners! Tonight we will be recording a new episode tonight. It’s close to Christmas so if you have any relating stories please leave a comment or hit us up on twitter.♥

What’s been taking so long?

The truth is that with Christmas and Irish Sports Talk Podcast going it’s been difficult to make room for all the important things in our lives. Leighton needs to work during the next two weeks so it’s not like there’s lots of extra time for the star of the show.

“It’s been a busy but fun winter” – Reuben

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Black, White and Sharp Objects FPP84

It’s been a few weeks since but it was noted that Leighton had a knife and scissors in his bathroom. He finally comes clean and confesses their purpose. The website is very different with the primary colors of black and white and a new logo. Reuben hired his brother to climb a 70 foot tower that didn’t turn out so well.

Knife and Scissor in Bathroom Theodore on Tower